A Very Haunted Jaded Babies Show 

OK let’s be honest, this is going to be crazy. For our Halloween show on October 27 in Manhattan, we decided our show needed more costumes, more funny, more scary, and even better rock. It will be like Elton John and Keith Emerson wrote a mashup of Phantom of the Opera and your local carnival merry-go-round, and then played it over a progressive rock band. And new music will be debuted! Don't miss it!

Intro to Jaded Babies - September 29 in Jersey City 

We can't let New York continue to have all the fun! Now Jersey, we know you're likely Jaded Babies virgins, so we'll go easy on you the first time. This show will be an introductory slab of Jaded Babies, with a little rock, a little prog, a lotta laughs, and FREE CANDY! We wouldn't kid about the candy.

Jaded Babies - It will be the time of your life! 

Jaded Babies make their world debut at Frank Wood's Wind Down Sunday. See the birth of a legendary band for yourself! And we're not being figurative. Live birth. Of a band. One time only. The humor and energy of punk meets the compositional and musical chops of progressive rock in Jaded Babies. Sunday, May 6, 9 PM at Otto's Shrunken Head, 538 East 14th Street in Manhattan. It will be the time of your life!! But seriously check out the video, this is how much fun we have.


We Have A Name - Jaded Babies! 

I'm not sure whether we all agreed on the name, or whether we just all got tired of arguing about it at the same time. But I know it's impossible to capture the magic, the majesty, the eclecticism and the humor of this band in just one phrase. For at least a short period of time, the band was semi-officially called Loopy Unicorn, Overthink, Dancing Fetus, Ubercrash and Manure. 

Also strongly lobbied for and somewhat seriously considered were Venetian Red, Tombstone Vultures, Professor Blee, Violent Baby, Captain Tickle, Poozanya, Lobster Fight, Blizter Wolves, Brain Fatigue, Massive Dump, Pol Pot Pie and Brain Fart.

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