Jaded Babies Go Back to School - In Brooklyn!

On October 5, learn what your teachers wouldn't tell you about what was in their diapers in our semi-loving tribute to going back to school!. We mix the energy of punk with the musical and songwriting chops of progressive rock…

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Jaded Babies Take Times Square on May 31!!!

Yep, this is it, we've finally made the big time! This is gonna be quite a show, we're in between a band that performs original songs about Lithuanian food, and a band called Weird America. It's like they designed the…

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Have A Happy Easter with Jaded Babies

It's OK, we know. By Easter night you'll need a good stiff rum drink and some amusing satirical rock. Jaded Babies love Easter. It's a time of renewal, free candy, and art rock masterpieces about poop and annoying neighbors. We're…

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First show of 2019 announced. See you in Manhattan!

Everything is better in 2019, and that includes Jaded Babies. Sure we write great songs about silly things, and can actually play our instruments. The holidays are over, and we know you need to laugh. Come see our show, it's…

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A Very Haunted Jaded Babies Show

OK let’s be honest, this is going to be crazy. For our Halloween show on October 27 in Manhattan, we decided our show needed more costumes, more funny, more scary, and even better rock. It will be like Elton John…

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A Hasty Three-Minute Edit of a Live Show

What's a Jaded Babies show really like? Each is a unique experience, but on August 19, 2018 at Otto's Shrunken Head in Manhattan, there was a singing dragon.