A Jaded November! - Two gigs and a studio session

At long last the fates have aligned, and Jaded Babies are going into the recording studio! We're looking at eight songs, and anyone who has seen us live over the past few months has heard all of them as we practice them all live to prepare for the recording. We're asking a lot of friends to record along with us, so the songs may come out in dribs and drabs rather than all at once, we'll see. But for now, get excited!

We also have two shows coming up in November! In Brooklyn on Friday, November 8 we'll be commemorating a special set of shows Bryan's band Progressive Dementia played a decade ago called Beefstock. More details here for the nostalgic or curious: BEEFSTOCK REVIEW. Yes believe it or not, an old band of Bryan's played "prog-rock parodies, alternately subtly satirical or completely over-the-top." Hard to imagine.

And on Friday, November 15 we'll be returning to the heart of Times Square to play our first annual "what are we thankful for" show. What would a Jaded Baby be thankful for? Spoiled formula? Ironic love? Schadenfreude? Find out at Connolly's in the heart of Times Square! We can all be thankful for stinky people in costumes... 

More details at the Shows tab above, can't wait to see you there!