Jaded Babies Celebrate Chinese New Year with Satirical Prog-Punk in Brooklyn on January 25, 2020

If Blink-182, Porcupine Tree and Monty Python had kids, the result would be Jaded Babies! In addition to our blend of progressive rock, punk and humor, each Jaded Babies show has a theme. And on Saturday night, January 25, find out whether we have reverence for Chinese New Year, or just happen to have a show that night. Energetic and complex songs about owls, poop, and China abound at 9 PM at LP n Harmony, 683 Grand Street in Brooklyn. There’s no cover charge, and we promise good music, laughs, and as always, free candy. And if that’s not enough, on this tremendous night, Jaded Babies will be performing selections from our forthcoming release, Einstein on the Toilet.

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