Bryan Zeigler - Guitar and Vocals

Bryan has been playing guitar and sometimes singing for thirty years in mostly progressive, often humorous, usually original bands. His compositional heroes are Mike Keneally, Frank Zappa and Mister Bungle, while his guitar playing is more rooted in traditional classic and progressive rock, touching on David Gilmour, Ty Tabor and Stephen Wilson. 

His musical history includes fronting off-kilter rock bands ESP, Electric Sheepdog, Progressive Dementia and The Ass Orbiters, and playing guitar for Erocktica, Mantik, and tributes to Pink Floyd, Devo and ZZ Top. He currently plays guitar for progressive rock bands 3RDegree and Dark Beauty.

Gary Perkinson - Bass and Vocals

Robert Ciccone - Keyboards and Vocals

Al Wagner - Drums and Philosophy

Comedian, writer, drummer. Al's retirement plan is to tell people he worked at Goldman Sachs until they pay him to stop.